How to Manage Pain from Braces

A great dental tool for straightening crooked and out-of-place teeth is turning to Delaware County orthodontics for dental braces. Despite its benefits, this orthodontic device usually causes discomfort and pain for new users. Here are some suggestions to help you manage any pain you might be feeling from wearing braces if you’re having these issues.

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Manage Pain From Wearing Braces

Apply a Cold Compress

While wearing braces, using a cold compress can help you manage pain. A cold compress or ice pack might help numb the affected area and lessen swelling.

OTC Drugs

One of the best ways to manage brace-related pain is to take over-the-counter medicines. Your braces will pressure your teeth to reposition them into their proper places if your orthodontist has tightened your wires.

While using over-the-counter medications to treat discomfort is a great option, you shouldn’t do it exclusively. You can consult your orthodontist for more pain-relieving advice if the discomfort becomes excessive or you are forced to take a different course of action. After a few weeks have passed since the adjustment, if you’re still in pain, let your orthodontist know so they may further investigate your case.

Use a Numbing Agent

Applying an oral anesthetic to your teeth and gums may help. Dab the solution on the hurting areas using a cotton swab or your finger. Your sensitive gums and teeth will be calmed with an oral anesthetic, stopping pain when your teeth move.

Soft Foods

There are many limitations when wearing standard wire braces, particularly in what you can consume. With braces, you shouldn’t consume hard candies, gum, or difficult chew meals. You should limit yourself to forgoing crunchy meals immediately following the placement of your braces and after each tightening. You can achieve this by eating only soft meals, such as cereal, mashed potatoes, and soups.

With each new set of aligners, even if you opt for clear braces and don’t need to worry about wire straightening, there will be an adjustment period. Be gentle with your mouth during these times of transition by eating only softer foods.

Wax for Braces

Orthodontic wax will probably be sent home with you. The interior of your lips, cheeks, and gums are shielded from the brace’s brackets by this particular wax. The wax forms a barrier that prevents your mouth from irritated by the brackets’ sharp ends.

Use orthodontic wax according to the directions provided. In essence, you shape the wax to cover the irritated bracket. You don’t need to be concerned about unintentionally ingesting any because it is nontoxic wax, but keep in mind to remove it before brushing your teeth. After you brush your teeth and after eating, reapply the wax.

A Hot Rinse

While chilly temperatures undoubtedly work, a warm saltwater rinse can also be beneficial. If you have any cuts or sores from the braces in your mouth or on your gums, gargling with warm salt water will help them heal.

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